A web interface for calculating FSA score (Research Tool)

The FSA (functional striatal abnormalities) score is a hypothesis-driven biomarker developed to quantify striatal dysfunction in individuals with schizophrenia. An individual’s FSA score can be calculated from their resting-state fMRI brain scan using advanced machine learning techniques. For further details, please see our publication.

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To accelerate the establishment of FSA as a clinically useful biomarker, we encourage other scientific groups to further validate and consolidate our results. Thus, we developed this web-based tool to enable online calculation of an individual’s FSA score in real time. As described in the Instructions, users can upload an individual’s (anonymous) resting-state fMRI brain scan to this site. An individualized FSA score will then be computed and returned to the user in the form of a diagnostic report. Once FSA score was computed, the uploaded brain scan will be permanently deleted for privacy protection.

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This web interface for calculating FSA score is only available for noncommercial use.   For commercial use, please contact Bing Liu at bliu@nlpr.ia.ac.cn

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If you have any question please send an email to szbiomarkers@nlpr.ia.ac.cn.